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​​​  ​Our six step waterproofing solution is designed to ensure your safety and comfort. The end result is a basement which is dry and therefore protects​ your belongings and also helps stop the growth of harmful molds and mildew. ​Our solution also has the great benefit of allowing you to take back valuable living and storage space. At Shore Thing Excavation and Landscaping we pride our self on quality and detailed work, which we always stand behind.

3. A coat of Blueskin adhesive is generously applied and allowed to thoroughly dry.  

5.The membrane is then covered with a ridge Dimple board, to protect the Blueskin from the back filling stage. It also creates a channel for water to easily flow into the drainage pipe and stops the hydrostatic pressure on the foundation. ​

Shore Thing Excavation And Landscaping Wet Basement Waterproofing

6. The final step is laying Drainage pipe around the entire basement foundation. which is surrounded by clear gravel and sandwiched between geo-tech filter fabric to stop clogging. The properly graded pipe is then run to a existing drain, or a drainage ditch is dug and the pipe run along its entire length.

​Basement Waterproofing Solution   ​      

4. The Blueskin membrane is then applied using a overlapping method, while  a Blueskin caulking is used to seal the top and bottom to create a waterproof seal.

​​1. After excavating the foundation we utilize a high pressure jet sprayer to clean the entire surface area.

​​2. A clear visual inspection enables us to find any cracks or holes. Which are then chiseled out and filled with hydraulic cement. These and all other imperfections are covered with Aqua-Bloc.