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we will look after all your excavation requirements​

Shore Thing Excavation And Landscaping Lot Development

  Our harvester is able to cut your woodland lots and along with our porter deliver your stud, pulp and hardwood to market. This forestry practice in combination with the low impact equipment we use will renew your lot and lead to healthy new growth.

​We are here to guide you through the process of lot development. It may seem like a daunting task, especially on a more remote lot. But we are here to help you simplify and gain maximum value for each step along the way. 

​  The initial  stage of gaining access may be as simple as installing a culvert and short driveway, or cutting a road through rough terrain. Either way we are here to achieve your final goals. This first stage will help prepare for future power and communications lines.

  The roughed in road will give us access so building lots can be cleared, we can then look after any excavating for foundations, sonotubes or drainage requirements.

​  Areas can then be cleared for septic systems and wells. We have all the contacts you will require to have wells dug or drilled and septic systems installed, this includes any percolation tests needed.

​  Once all heavy equipment has passed we will finish your driveway or road with class A gravel or prepare the surface for paving. 


​We have firewood available for delivery

​Forestry Harvesting

​Lot Development