​​​In Nova Scotia we are Your Shore Thing

we will look after all your excavation requirements​

Features: Pavers, Garage Pad Foundations, Firepits, Walkways, or even a Beach. We do it all

  With our many years of experience in landscaping we can achieve excellent results in all areas. let us look after all your lawn needs, from a simple facelift to total remoodeling. We can utilize our expertise in excavation, and skill in the proper use of topsoil, sod, retaining walls, pathways and flower beds to achieve any design you wish.

​Landscaping, Topsoil, & Rock, Wood or Block

​Retaining Walls

​Driveway Construction & Resurfacing

Basement & Foundation Waterproofing Solution

​​​     ​Projects we Specialize In

  Our excavation equipment and our expertise enable us to tackle any size driveway.

  Resurfacing with class A gravel, and achieving the correct grade will ensure proper water runoff, and therefore lead to a uniform driveway with a longer life.

​  Driveways and roads can be constructed through most terrains, no matter what the distance. 

  Our basement waterproofing solution is designed to attack the problem form the source. Using quality materials, professional workmanship and proven techniques we protect your belongings, and help take back valuable living and or storage space. We finish our six step solution with excavation that ensures a proper grade to facilitate water runoff away from your home.

​Lot Development And Forestry

We have a great reputation when it comes to Retaining walls. Be it Rock,

​Redi Rock, Block, or wood. Check out are gallery.

      ​We are able to develop lots of any size, no matter how remote.  

Our excavators are capable of building a road and clearing the lot for buildings, wells and septic systems.

​     On larger woodland lots we are able to harvest your pulp, stud and hardwood and have it delivered to market.


Shore Thing Excavation And Landscaping General Excavation

 Rock, Wood or Block  ​Retaining Walls